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My name is Kaitlyn Clare Mason, and I’m passionate about helping you live simply and mercifully, so you can discover and fulfill your mission in life.

I live at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead in North Carolina with my husband and four children.  We are pursuing a life of homesteading and hospitality, opening our home to those in need.

We’ve found some fun and creative ways to serve others, and we made some life adjustments to help us serve at full capacity.   And life has never been more exciting! 

I’d love to help you get to a place of living your life and serving others at full capacity.  We all have a deep desire to serve others and to serve them well.

So, I’m inviting you to embark with me on an adventure to discover and fulfill your God-intended mission of mercy.

I’m inviting you to step off the cultural treadmill that keeps us far too busy with things that don’t matter, so we can focus on serving the One who made all the things in the first place.

This is not about doing more to serve. It’s about pivoting from what zaps our time and energy in unhealthy ways to fulfilling our mission in life.

The time is short.  And now is the time of mercy.  Together, we can bring mercy to the whole world.

I’m here to listen, to encourage, to inspire, to motivate, and to support you on this journey.  Ready to get started?

– Kaitlyn Clare Mason