6 Things to Gather 4 THE Most Important 2 Days of the Month!

Does anyone else out there keep forgetting when it’s a First Friday or Saturday?  I’ve been trying to remember for like a year to set aside time for these devotions.  And I’m finally not going to miss out!

Do you know why it’s so important to participate in the First Friday and First Saturday devotions?

It’s because of the thing every Miss America contestant would love to have if she could have one wish…



No, not that thing, Sandra.


There ‘ya go…  World peace!

Here are 6 things we can gather NOW to prep for this devotion and obtain peace for the world.  Before we, you know… wait, what was I talking about again?  Oh, yeah, before we FORGET!


1. Get a sharpie.  

This is so you can write “1ST FRI” and “1ST SAT” so big on your paper calendar that you won’t even be able to fit the “-day” and “-urday” endings of the words in the calendar box.  If you don’t have a paper calendar, put it in your phone calendar.  But maybe use the Sharpie to write a giant reminder on your hand that these dates are coming up.


2. Set a really annoying alarm.

Set the duck alarm on your phone to go off on these dates each month for at least 5 consecutive months (the duration of the full devotion).  Or set the submarine siren alarm.   Or a frog.  Whichever one is going to make you jump out of your seat and say, “OH!  There’s the obnoxious (fill in the blank) alarm!  Today MUST be a First Friday!!!  Time to save the world!”  Set it for 4:32am or 3:37pm or some other random time that will make you stop before hitting the “stop” button to silence it and actually think to yourself, “Weird.  Why in the world is an alarm going off at this random time?  OH YEAH!  It’s NOT random!  It’s a First Friday.  World peace.  Got it.”


3. A great article on what in the world we’re supposed to be doing on the First Friday and First Saturday of each month.

That’s where my friend Gretchen comes in!  She writes these amazing articles over at The Catholic Company so we all know what in the world we’re supposed to be doing throughout the liturgical year, because “the liturgical year” is an art form that’s in dire need of restoration and revival.  Click here to read up on the simple steps we can all do to participate in these powerful devotions!


4. A Catholic Church.

You’ll need to receive Communion and go to Confession.  Check out masstimes.org to find out when a Mass is being said near you so you can, in a state of grace, receive Christ in the Eucharist.  Check your local church for Confession times.  Or find any priest walking around town and ask if he’ll hear your Confession… (But you’ll increase your odds of running into a priest if you actually head to your Church first!  Don’t be shy, there’s nothing you have to say in the confessional that the priest has not heard before, I’m sure.  Especially if you’re last in line… kidding.)


5. A reminder of how to say the rosary.  

The Marians have a nice page here that gives you a little pop-up of words to each prayer if needed.  And at the bottom of that page, there are links to images and descriptions of each mystery of the rosary.  (We meditate on a different mystery during each “decade” of the rosary as a way to contemplate and honor Christ’s life.)  Or, click here to pray along with an old but lovely video of Mother Angelica praying the rosary.


6. A giant statue of Our Lady of Fatima in your home to help you remember that you should be extra kind to people because you’re going back to Confession next month for the next First Friday & Saturday devotion!

Okay, so this one may not be needed in your home.  But it sure is helpful in mine!  Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!

Now go find a Sharpie!  Aaaand…. break!  (I’ll race you to it!)


How do you keep track of important dates?  What might help us all do a better job of sticking with this devotion?

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