5 Steps to a Capsule Wardrobe that Works for You

Yesterday I shared some benefits of a minimal wardrobe.  Here are 5 steps that I routinely take to ensure I’m maintaining a simple and merciful capsule wardrobe.  And I highly recommend using this 5-step process to create your own!

1.  Identify your style and what type clothing is comfortable and appropriate for you.

Is your style preference sophisticated?  Casual?  Are you wearing clothing that suits your shape and size?  Are you wearing clothing that is appropriate for your shape and size?  My style preference and size have changed many times over the past few years as I’ve learned what I like to wear best as a stay-at-home mother and how to dress when pregnant and postpartum. 

 2. Consider all activities where you’ll need different types of clothing, and how often you do each.

In my life, I need clothing for church, home care tasks, homeschooling, garden and homestead tasks, and workouts.  Occasionally I’ll wear an extra fancy dress to an event, or go somewhere to swim – these are extras. 

3. Plan out 7 days worth of your favorite clothing for this season, plus 2 extra days as backup (just in case).  Do the same for other seasons.  You’ll create a 7-day + 2 capsule for winter, spring/fall, and summer, and overlapping some items is great!  

You don’t need more.  If I get spit up on every day of the week, I’ll need to wash each item once weekly.  Plus, I’ve got about two backup outfits if needed.  I like to have about 2-3 skirts, 2-3 pairs of pants, 3 dresses, and 5-7 shirts on hand.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t need 2 weeks worth of clothes if you do wash at least once a week.  Your 7 days will include everything you do each day, so make sure you keep 3-7 days of workout clothing if needed, etc. 

3.  Add your extras.

This may mean one scarf, one winter coat, one rain/light coat or jacket, one dress coat (optional – I prefer not having one… you know, the 2 coats thing…), one swimsuit, a few sweaters for cold days, a hat for gardening, etc.

4.  Add only the shoes you need.

For my life, this means 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of navy heels for church, 1 pair of everyday black flats, 1 pair of everyday closed toed shoes for winter, 1 pair of work boots for homestead tasks, and 1 pair of brown outdoorsy sandals for homestead tasks in extreme heat (all second hand except running shoes & work boots).  I could pare it down a little more.  I rarely end up wearing my heels – but this works well.

5.  Last step – I ask myself this question:  Am I approachable to someone who is homeless, in poverty, and to all those most in need when I am wearing these clothes?

And I believe this is really the most important thing.

What questions do you ask yourself when editing your wardrobe?  If you’ve been trying to get to a minimal wardrobe, what’s making that difficult for you?  

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