How to Have Enough Time for Everything

“I don’t know how you get anything done in a day!” my Dad said. He spent the morning watching my children, and honestly, hearing him say that gave me so much consolation. I felt so validated and affirmed.

Because it is hard to “get things done.” It’s definitely not easy caring for four small children. And while I’m very blessed to be able to be home with my children day and night, it takes a lot of intentionality to get through the day and achieve success in the categories of: take a shower, get 5 people dressed and fed, and brush 5 sets of teeth twice.

Not to mention success in completing home care tasks, home school tasks, ministry tasks, and carving out time for some vital personal space.

I’m convinced that good time management only takes us so far. And we certainly don’t run a tight Von Trapp family ship with whistles and kids lining up and marching around doing their chores at the same time every day. While we do say no to events and commitments sometimes… we often say yes.

I believe our culture is taking individualism a little too far with this trendy “say no to all the new commitments” mentality. I’ve noticed it in the community, too. It feels like everyone is too busy to be together!

My husband and I are quick to say yes to getting together with friends and to ministry work when we know it can benefit our family and the Kingdom of God. We are far from perfect, but we really try to be intentional about being with people.

So what’s the key to having enough time to do it all? Honestly, I believe the key is an attitude shift. We need to remember that God is not out to get us. He’s not trying to sabotage our lives by placing more people in front of us to love, by blessing us with more children, or by inviting us to do more for His Kingdom.

No, He’s not trying to sabotage our lives with these things. He’s trying to make us into saints. And He has a good track record of making people into saints when they work with Him and not against Him.

So I think we have to remember this: There is enough time in my day for me to do everything that is God’s will for me today.

How amazing is that! You have enough time today to do absolutely everything that God is asking you to do today!

So then the real question becomes not, “Do I have time for that today?” But it flips around into, “Am I being a good steward of my time today?” And that is a drastic shift!

Because we always do have enough time to complete His will.

Yes, we need to be prudent. Prudence is a cardinal virtue, guys – let’s be prudent! But if I am constantly feeling like I don’t have enough time for my own life… I should try to revisit God’s will. Let Him look at your planner.

What would God say about how we’re spending our time? What would He say about those little moments where we escape into social media world, those little moments where we waste time worrying, or the frequency with which we check our email inbox? Oh, I’m so guilty of wasting time. We’re all a work in progress.

But remember – God’s giving you enough time to do everything that He’s asking you to do today. Will we be good stewards of the time we receive?

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