Giving Yourself Permission to Rest

Take a breath. In and out.

This is a busy time of year, yes. But it’s also a beautiful time of year.

A time of anticipation. A time of joy-filled wonder, and icing-covered cookies.

A time of cold, starry nights and warm, tightly-stitched quilts.

A time when the wood stove is filled with crackling logs, and when mugs are filled with piping hot cider.

And have we given ourselves permission yet to rest?

Today our school day consisted of snuggling up under a blanket and reading our family read aloud book together. And it was lovely.

Granted, the baby was toddling around and playing on the floor with her klip klop horse princesses, and two children were climbing all over the furniture. So please don’t think of a Hallmark card when I tell you that we read a book together.

If you’ve been caught up in the black Fridays and green Mondays, and yellow Tuesdays of the frenzied hulabaloo of the season, perhaps you’ve been secretly waiting for a little invitation to pause. To savor. To sip. To flip through the pages of a great book. To cozy up on the couch and just sit. And ponder. And reflect on God’s goodness, and on the blessings all around us.

It only takes a moment to go from thankful at Thanksgiving to rushing through the motions of the Christmas countdown.

Consider this your invitation to take the slow route – all the way to Christmas morning.

I promise you that Christmas will arrive just the same.

But if you rest in this season of Advent, and really take some time to look around you, to light a candle, to whisper a prayer, and to watch the horizon for the coming of Christmas morn, we can come away from this season refreshed and rejuvenated for the surprises of a beautiful year ahead, just waiting to be unwrapped.

We are confident each day that the sun will rise in the morning. Let us be equally confident that the Son will rise in his own time, and may he find us watching and awaiting his return, with peaceful and joy-filled hearts, resting in the confidence of His forever love.

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