When You Feel Discouraged as a Parent… read this

Once during the building of a giant cathedral, an artist high on the scaffolding intricately carved a bird into the stone of the structure.

A man down below looked up at him, and questioned why he was spending so much time there. “They’re about to cover that part up,” he said. “No one’s ever going to see that bird.”

“But God will see,” said the artist.

And so he went on creating.

Why do we spend so much time in the quiet of our homes, intricately preparing little souls to comprehend the great mysteries of creation?

Why do we spend so much time folding the laundry just so, wiping little noses (when our children allow it), drying the dishes, and sending children back into the time out corner until they finally apologize?

Dear mother, dear father, you are an artist. You are creating a masterpiece.

Sometimes it is messy. Often times you will feel unknown. Maybe the work isn’t turning out as you expected. Or you’re waiting for a child, or waiting for instructions about what you’re supposed to do when you feel called to create and when the painting seems to crumble. Perhaps the painting isn’t ready to be unveiled yet.

But in the midst of your work, you are known. You are loved beyond measure.

And God sees.

And every moment that you spend carving out time for your family, crafting memories, whittling away at imperfections, blending together virtues – every moment that you spend creating the masterpiece of your family in the darkness when no one seems to notice…

It will all be worth it. There is no greater work of art than to create a family.

Just look up at the beauty right in front of you. Look at the art God is creating with you, right before your eyes. That’s what really matters tonight.

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