Kaitlyn Clare Mason is an author, speaker, songwriter, poet, and farmer, and she serves as founder and co-director of Mary Garden Showers. She lives with her husband and five children in Kentucky at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead, where they strive to open their hearts and home through hospitality, farming, and loving service.

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn Clare Mason.

I’m passionate about helping you trust and serve at your full capacity in life. After years battling anxiety and depression, I’ve learned a lot about moving from fear to freedom. And I’m here to help you walk into that freedom that is yours to claim.

Back in the day…

I studied Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and was considering a dual PhD program when I felt a call to leave pharmacy school so that I could eventually become a mother who thrives at home. 

I received a Biology degree from the University of Kentucky, where my favorite subject was Anatomy, and I became fascinated with the intricacies of all forms of life.

At Eastern Kentucky University, I then received a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a concentration in Secondary Sciences.  I went on to teach in public schools for a couple of years before our children were born. Now, I’m a homeschooling mother of five.

My husband Benjamin and I have spent time in youth ministry and respect life ministry work. After college, I volunteered as a crisis pregnancy hotline volunteer, which prepared me for what I felt called to do next…

Here’s what my family is up to now…

I am blessed to serve as the founder & co-director of Mary Garden Showers, a national effort serving women and families in crisis pregnancies.  We host baby showers for women choosing to parent and blessing showers for women choosing to place a child for adoption.  You can get involved and learn more about us by signing up for our newsletter here!

We currently live at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead with our five children, and have some really big plans in the works to share this mission of farming and hospitality with the world.

Our fifth child is on the way, and there are some exciting writing projects underway… so, stay tuned!

Struggling with fear? Feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe this will help.

I’ve been there. And I created this free guide to help you, drawing from my own journey of overcoming anxiety. It’s called 5 Keys to Moving from Fear to Freedom. Sign up below so I’ll know where to send it…