Kaitlyn Clare Mason inspires others to live Mercifully And Simply to build up God’s Kingdom ON earth.  She is an author, homesteader, homeschooling mother, and founder & co-director of Mary Garden Showers, an apostolate sharing Christ’s mercy with women and families in crisis pregnancies.  She lives with her husband Benjamin and their four children at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead, offering mercy and hospitality to families in need.  

Kaitlyn Clare holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Kentucky.  She studied at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy before deciding to pursue her Master of Arts in Teaching degree in secondary sciences so she could ultimately stay at home with her children.  She also has a background in crisis pregnancy counseling and youth catechesis and ministry.  Kaitlyn Clare is a contributing author to Our Friend Faustina (release date October 5th, 2019), and author of the audiobook Watching the Horizon: A Divine Mercy Advent Series for Toddlers.