My husband and I live in North Carolina with our four children, ages 6 and under. We live at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead, where we aim to open our hearts and home each day to others through hospitality, farming, and loving service.

I studied Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and was considering a dual PhD program when I felt a call to become a mother who thrives at home. 

I received a Biology degree from the University of Kentucky, where my favorite subject was Anatomy, and I became fascinated with the intricacies of all forms of life.

I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, with a concentration in Secondary Sciences.  

I spent time in youth ministry, respect life ministry, and as a crisis pregnancy hotline volunteer. I’ve spent the past few years writing for various sites online, working on a few books, and planning a podcast. I am blessed to be a part of the Catholic Pro-Life Action Network of Charlotte.

Ready to serve at full capacity?

I am founder of Mary Garden Showers, a national effort serving women and families in crisis pregnancies.  We host baby showers for women choosing to parent and blessing showers for women choosing to place a child for adoption.  You can get involved by signing up for our newsletter here. I’m eager to revamp the pro-life movement with efforts like this, because I believe we need to pivot more from politics to directly serving people in need.

Struggling with fear? Feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe this will help.

I’ve been there. And I created this free guide to help you, drawing from my own journey of overcoming anxiety. Sign up below so I’ll know where to send it.