Kaitlyn Clare Mason is an author, speaker, songwriter, homesteader, and serves as founder and co-director of Mary Garden Showers. She lives with her husband and four children in North Carolina. They live at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead, where they strive to open their hearts and home through hospitality, farming, and loving service.

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn Clare Mason.

I’m passionate about helping you trust and serve at your full capacity in life. After years battling anxiety and depression, I’ve learned a lot about moving from fear to freedom. And I’m here to sit with you, to listen to what’s on your heart, and to walk you through that journey into freedom.

I studied Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and was considering a dual PhD program when I felt a call to become a mother who thrives at home. 

I received a Biology degree from the University of Kentucky, where my favorite subject was Anatomy, and I became fascinated with the intricacies of all forms of life.

Then, at Eastern Kentucky University, I received a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a concentration in Secondary Sciences.  I went on to teach in public schools for a couple of years before our children were born.

My husband Benjamin and I have spent time in youth ministry and respect life ministry work. After college, I volunteered as a crisis pregnancy hotline volunteer. Benjamin began working in construction management. I’ve spent the past few years writing for various sites online, working on a few books, planning a podcast, and hanging out with some awesome people in the Catholic Pro-Life Action Network of Charlotte. And the best part about life is that I get to hang out with my husband and children most of the time!

Here’s a fun fact… I am a former member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International who once auditioned at the Bluebird Cafe. Which was really fun and a great experience!

I’m still a songwriter at heart…

I still write music, but often pour out songs through written and spoken word. They may not be set to music, but my hope is that the stories and messages contained in my writing will move the world a little closer to trusting and serving the One who made all the words in the first place.

Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead

My family lives at Ark of Divine Mercy Homestead. When we were coming up with a name, I was set on “Divine Mercy” being part of the title, and my husband knew we should include the work “ark.” So, we came up with Ark of Divine Mercy, which actually ends up being a pretty cool title for Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We are striving to learn all that we can about permaculture methods of farming. Here, we care for chickens, a vegetable garden, blueberry trees, and blackberry bushes. We enjoy fresh eggs, fresh meat, and some produce from our efforts, and we hope to expand our farming efforts sometime soon so we can share this good food with you, too! So, stay tuned!

At our homestead, we also have created a hospitality suite to welcome in families in need of a place to stay. This has been an act of faith and trust on our part, and we continue to pray about who we are being asked to serve with our resources. Feel free to ask me for more information about this endeavor if you’re interested in learning more!

Ready to serve at full capacity?

Mary Garden Showers is a national effort serving women and families in crisis pregnancies.  We host baby showers for women choosing to parent and blessing showers for women choosing to place a child for adoption.  You can get involved by signing up for our newsletter here. I’m eager to revamp the pro-life movement with efforts like this, because I believe we need to pivot more from politics to directly serving people in need.

Or contact us if you’d like to learn more about turning your home, school, or church into an ark of mercy!

Want to join my family in striving to serve at your full capacity? Click on any of the links above, and let’s get started!

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